About Us

Please let me introduce myself and Dream Golf Holidays.

Paul Mason

So who is this guy? Well I am a golf nut who’s only unhappiness in golf is not starting earlier. I didn’t start playing golf until the football legs went and got my first set of clubs for my 40th birthday! 13 years later and a handicap of 12 (always hoping for one week as a single figure golfer!) life is good in my golfing world. Except! I decided that there was something else I was unhappy about and that was when I played golf abroad. I just felt my friends and I weren’t getting the best deals available (and that didn’t just mean price as I believe in paying for a great service!). It was about how we were looked after, did we get what we wanted or were we pushed in to a hole that suited the golf travel company. It often felt like the latter. So with my philosophy in life behind me ‘ If you want something changing do something about it’ Dream Golf Holidays was born a few years ago.


Welcome To Dream Golf Holidays

The whole ethos of Dream Golf Holidays is to provide a personal, bespoke golf holiday for golfers. Our goal is to be different, the company is solely owned by golfers who organise holidays for other golfers.  We know from experience what people want. We don’t know this by chance though!

It’s all about communication, we really do find out about the groups who wish to book through us. We find out what their needs are and what you want for the outcome of your holiday.  It’s always more than just the golf.


Tell Us About You

We pose questions. The answers we receive enable us to meet the exact personal needs of the group.  This bespoke service provides the group with peace of mind.

Why do we do this? We want all our golfers to have a fantastic experience, not just a game of golf.  It is that simple.

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The Golf Community

We want all our golfers to have a fantastic experience, not just a game of golf. It is that simple.

Building our golfing community is very important to us. We will provide you with lots of great information, but we also want you to inform us what you want from our golfing community. Building our golfing advocates is the primary thoughts in our heads, always.

So lets keep doing it, lets build this Golfing Community.


The Perfect Holiday

Our aim is to always exceeding yours and your groups expectations.

For you next golf holiday let us turn our words in to actions. Let us deliver your perfect golf holiday.

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