Kauai Fam Trip Day 2


Frankfurt to Los Angeles – Los Angeles to Kauai

The long journey starts this morning, I am sure it will soon pass, a few movies, some eating, a few beers, you get the picture.  Just itching to get there now and sample the delights.  The aim of the trip is to come back and give all you DGH followers opportunities to visit yourselves, to build packages and advise on what the options are.  It may be a once in a lifetime trip or it may be part of a wider travelling plan.  Whatever the reason for the visit we will make it unbelievably special for you.

Golf, sunshine,pamper in one of the worlds most idyllic, iconic places, Golf life can’t get much better.

The airline carrier for this trip is Lufthansa, I have to say, very impressed, very impressed indeed. Efficient, friendly, you wouldn’t expect anything else I guess.

Just on last leg, LA to Lihue in Kauai.

Catch you all in Kauai- Aloha.