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As one of the Hawaiian islands, Kauai offers so much for the golfer who wants to combine golf with cuisine and culture. It is known as the Garden Island as it is so green and abundant of plant life.

Kauai is amazing, it is the fourth largest island in the Hawaiian chain. This isn’t a place to come from the UK just to play golf though, it is far too far away for that. So a recommendation would be to stop off in San Francisco or Los Angeles for a day or two to get your flight legs back and get used to the time zone, and if you wish to play a round of golf, then make your way to Kauai which is still a 6 hour flight away.

Courses in Kauai


Princeville Makai GC

The Princeville Makai Golf Course, as all the golf courses in Kauai are magnificent to play. The setting is amazing, the scenery outstanding and the warmth of the people is absolutely standout. It would be hard not to be chilled on this island. The course has some spectacular holes, sweeping down to Hanalei Bay.

Ocean Hokuala

The Ocean Course Hokuala

I could write exactly what I have written above, everywhere is just full of beauty and splendour. Yet again we have a course that would meet most, if not all, Golfers requirements. A great variety of holes, plenty of water and some exquisite par 3s.


Wailua GC

The third course I played in Kauai was Wailua Golf Club, a municipal. Don’t be put off by that word though, this is a very good golf course. Okay, the clubhouse and amenities are nothing to write home, not compared to the other courses but the course will not disappoint anyone’s golfing holiday.


Puakea GC

Stunning and staggering scenery. Think Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, Avatar and you will begin to get the feel of the scenery and backdrop for this golf course. This is a very varied course, lots of undulations and elevations, tee shots over ravines and dramatic par 3s. Certainly one of my favourites.

FAQs about playing golf in Kauai

When is the best time to visit Kauai for golf?

With the temperate climate, there isn’t a bad time to go to Kauai.  Yes through November to April there will be more rain but you can usually find a dry sunny place on the island.

What is the temperature in Kauai?

There are two seasons in Kauai, summer and winter.  The drier season is between May and October and the rainier season that last between November and April.  The temperature averages around 27C -29C (80-85 Fahrenheit). As Kauai is known as the Garden Island then there has to be some rain!

What is the flight time to Kauai?

If you could fly direct the time would be approximately 15 hours.  There will be a stop or two though along the way.  From the UK the sensible option would be to fly to Los Angeles or San Francisco and have a day or two there.  So flight time to L.A from London is approximately 11 hours.  Then it is approximately 6 hours flight to Lihue in Kauai. It is well worth it though!

Is there a language barrier in Kauai?

As the 50th American state there is no issue with language if you are travelling from the UK.

Do you need a visa to enter Kauai?

Yes, a visa must be obtained prior to entering Kauai as with the rest of America.

What is the time difference?

Kauai is 11 hours behind GMT

The golf courses will live long in the memory

Sample Golf Trips To Kauai

13 Days/14 Nights

Day 1: Arrive in Sapporo
Day 2: Play The North Country Golf Club
Day 3: Play Golf at Hokkaido Brooks Country Club
Day 4: Play Golf at Narita Golf Course
Day 5: Sightseeing Tokyo
Day 6: Golf at Hakone CC
Day 7: Golf at Fuji Course
Day 8: Move from Shizukoa to Mie
Day 9: Play Excellent Golf Club
Day 10: Sightseeing Mie
Day 11: Play Tsu Country Club
Day 12: Sightseeing Kyoto
Day 13: Play Seta Golf Course
Day 14: Fly Home

14 Days/15 Nights

Day 1: Arrive in Tokyo
Day 2: Play Tokyo Golf Course
Day 3: Play Yokohama CC
Day 4: Sightseeing Tokyo
Day 5: Sightseeing Hakone
Day 6: Play Fuji Course
Day 7: Play Yamaha Golf Course
Day 8: Shizukoa
Day 9: Play Tsu Country Club
Day 10: Sightseeing Mie
Day 11: Play Nemu Golf Club
Day 12: Sightseeing Kyoto
Day 13: Play Naruo Golf Club
Day 14: Sightseeing Kyoto
Day 15: Fly Home

What the Golf Tourist should expect in Kauai

Well maintained golf courses

The golf courses in Kauai are extremely well maintained.  Although this is a tropical, idyllic island it is the 50th American state and benefits from that organised American infrastructure.

The courses I played were Princeville Makai GC, The Ocean Course @ Hokuala, Wailua GC, Puakea GC, and Poipu Bay GC.  All wonderful in their own way and providing great variety

Extremely Friendly Welcome

The people of Kauai are extremely friendly. You will be provided with excellent service and definitely a friendly smile.

The Culture

Unbelievably laid back, this is an island of smiles, and why wouldn’t you living here. The service level though is extremely high, again with that American influence.

Things to do

There is so much to do on Kauai both on land and sea, walking in the lush mountains, exploring where man can only get to on foot. If waterfalls are your thing then Kauai has an abundance. One extraordinary thing to do is to have a helicopter ride. You will see parts of the island you can only see from the air. There are lots of once in a lifetime things to do on Kauai.

Dress codes

Again everything is relaxed. You don’t need a lot of clothes with you on this trip, shorts, T-shirts and the same again! Golf courses are the usual shorts and golf polo.

Food & Drink

Fresh fish and more fresh fish, sounds great. There is anything and everything to eat on Kauai , there is an abundance of fresh produce and the rest flown in from the mainland. The food was wonderful.

Golf Hotels in Kauai

St Regis

St Regis Hotel Princeville

One nights stay was too short for this wonderful hotel in the most amazing of locations. A great nights sleep, a fantastic measure of a hotel is the mattress, this one was extremely comfy! The breakfast on the patio was truly stunning, what a backdrop what a setting. The welcome, the service level, the ambiance of the hotel was superb. The rooms and every communal area are just first class.

Kauai Marriott

Kauai Marriott Resort

This is a large complex but one which had a really good feel about it. The rooms were what you would expect from a Marriott, quite big, lovely big bed, all the amenities one requires, and an ocean view to boot. The food in the hotel was excellent, we were looked after very well indeed. The hotel is perfectly situated, just two miles from the airport. The Ocean Course Hokuala is a very short ride through the grounds of the hotel to the clubhouse, perfect.

Grand Hyatt

Grand Hyatt Kauai

This is just the perfect location, an absolute dream of a place. This hotel is of the very highest standard. Magnificent gardens running down to the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. Opulent rooms with views of the crashing waves and the Poipu Bay Golf Course. The food at the Grand Hyatt was extraordinary. Within the complex at the Grand Hyatt are a number of top restaurants. The Tidepools restaurant has been voted the “Most Romantic Restaurant on Kauai”. It is well worth a visit, lots of fish, as below. Fresh from the sea, it can’t be beaten, beautiful.

Paul’s Thoughts

If you want to go to an idyllic paradise island where the infrastructure is as good as you would expect in any top-class resort the Kauai is for you. You can still see the wild, untouched side of Kauai, but that can be coupled with a relaxed, pampered vacation in superb accommodation with high-end service.

The golf courses will live long in the memory for lots of reason. They are all in their own way very good courses but throw in the magic of the scenery, the weather and the hospitality you will come away with those lifetime memories we desire. An amazing trip to tick off that list.


Paul Mason, Dream Golf Holidays

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