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Sultanate of Oman

Oman is situated at the Southern tip of Arabia. It is one of the last places to get a real feel of traditional Arabia, there is so much tradition to soak up, the climate is superb with an excellent infrastructure that blends in with the Old Omani ways.

The best time to visit Oman is October to April which makes it perfect for that winter golf break. I was there in March and the temperature varied between 25 and 29 degrees, very pleasant indeed.

Courses in Oman

Ras Al Hamra

Ras Al Hamra Golf Course

Ras Al Hamra is a super track.  This was my first experience of night golf, the back 9 took a hole or so to acclimatise the eyes however it really was superb.  A definite to do.

Ras Al Hamra is an 18 hole layout (two loops of the same 9 hole layout but from varying tees and double greens to provide a completely different course second time around). It is the first fully floodlit golf course in Oman, and what a pleasure it is to play.


Ghala Golf Course

Ghala is a 20/30 minute drive from the Muscat hotels. This course meanders in the main through a valley surrounded by what can only be described as Palaces perched on top of the cliffs.  The Minister for Oil has one of these Palaces, with his own private drive down to the golf course. The new Sultan also has a very large Palace here.

Al Mouj

Al Mouj

This is the crown jewel of the courses in Oman, used on the European Tour, it is a bit of a brute of a course that bites you all the way around. A joy to play though.

The scenery is amazing, every hole is different, the run offs from the green are definitely there for the Professionals, they are so tough to manoeuvre your way around the different hazards and nuances of the course.


Muscat Hills

I have to say it is a most wonderful layout, totally enjoyable, superb par 3s and lots of variety along the way. The condition, 90% there, but unbelievably playable and any golfer would enjoy it.

So in summary, one to definite play and as it gets back to its total former glory it will be a wonderful place to play, relax and have great memories of golf in Oman.

FAQs about playing golf in Oman

When is the best time to visit Oman for golf?

The best time to visit for golf is November through to early April.  The temperature will be mid to high 20’s on average.  The rest of the year it is too hot, getting in to the 40s at times.  This is a perfect winter destination for the UK.

What is the temperature in Oman?

The temperature in  winter varies between 25 C (77 Fahrenheit) and 17C (63 Fahrenheit) and 40 C (104 Fahrenheit) and 30C (86 Fahrenheit) in the summer.  In the mountains it can be a lot cooler.

What is the flight time to Oman?

The average direct flight time to Muscat is approximately 7 hours, making it a perfect winter destination for golf.

Is there a language barrier in Oman?

There is no language barrier for people visiting from the UK. Oman is a very educated country with the majority of the country able to speak fluent English.

Do you need a visa to enter Oman?

Yes, a visa must be obtained prior to entering Oman, this can be done online.

Can I drink alcohol in Oman?

Alcohol can be purchased in some international hotels and at the golf courses at certain times. Please see below for further cultural information.

Oman is a place to bring your senses to life in one of the last bastions of traditional Middle Eastern life

Sample Golf Trips To Oman

6 Days/5 Nights

Day 1: Arrive at Muscat Airport, transfer to hotel followed by golf at Ras Al Hamra
Day 2: Tour of Grand Mosque followed by 18-hole round at Al Mouj Golf Club
Day 3: Day trip to Wahiba Sand Dunes
Day 4: Tour of Opera House followed by 18-hole round at Ghala Golf Club
Day 5: Snorkelling Trip Dimaniyat Islands
Day 6: Transfer to Muscat International Airport

What the Golf Tourist should expect in Oman

Well maintained golf courses

Golf is mainly situated in the Muscat area, with a 30-minute drive at most to a golf course.  The four courses to play are Ras Al Hamra GC, Ghala GC, Al Mouj GC and Muscat Hills GC.  The 4 courses are completely different, providing great variety.

Extremely Friendly Welcome

The Omanis are extremely friendly. You will be provided with excellent service and definitely a friendly smile.


Oman is a deeply religious country but one where as a visitor you can get a real feel for the importance of this without being too intrusive.  A highlight would be a trip to the Grand Mosque in Muscat, quite amazing.

Dress codes

Local Omani men wear the dishdasha, a long white cloak and a kummah, the traditional hat.  Females usually wear a black abaya with a scarf around their heads.  It is not necessary for a visitor to dress like this however it is extremely prudent to wear conservative clothes so as to cover as much skin as possible.  On the golf course normal wear of shorts and golf polo is absolutely acceptable.

Food & Drink

Oman is a healthy place to eat, lots of fish, grilled spiced meats, salads and superb homemade hummus. Oman coffee, Kahwa, coffee with cardamons
is the staple drink served alongside dates and halwa, which is a sticky, sweet dessert made with rosewater, ghee, nuts and cardamons.

Alcohol is available in certain hotels, bars and at golf clubs.  There are sometimes time restrictions as to when alcohol can be served.  It is an offence to drink or be drunk in Oman.  The legal age to drink is 21!


Tourism is very new to Oman, the last 20 years or so.  So as much as there is a great infrastructure in place now there still might be a gap or two in service levels.  Just take this as part of the experience.

Golf Hotels in Oman

Kempinski Oman

Kempinski Hotel

The Kempinski Hotel, with their unmistakable Lady’s in Red. This hotel really does hit the mark. The entrance and first view is an absolute wow. The internal architecture draws the eye to the large glass windows that then lead on to the gardens and infinity pool, leading then into the Arabian Sea, how amazing.

Al Bustan Oman

Al Bustan Palace

I just visited this hotel, so no stay over.  It was definitely worth the visit though! How do you describe this hotel? I doubt you will find a grander entrance to a hotel anywhere. This used to be one of the Sultans Palaces and indeed the 9th floor of the hotel is still used by the Sultan to entertain guests and for guests to stay.

Jabal Akhdar Oman

Anantara Jabal Akhdar

Incredible, if you want, peace, quiet, solitude and a place to rejuvenate yourself for a while then this is the place. Stunning, the setting, the vistas, the ambience. For a memory of Oman this has to be seen.

W Oman

W Hotel

Modern, trendy, vibrant feel, straight lines and brand new. This hotel opened in January so is completely on point decor wise with a great feel.

The gardens and pool area, similar to the Kempinski wander and meander down to the sea. There are plenty of sun beds and terraces to sunbathe on with private booth’s one can book, this looked exquisite for a day’s relaxation.

Paul’s Thoughts

Remembering the ethos of Dream Golf Holidays, Golf, Culture, Cuisine Oman was definitely a place of inspiration. So much choice, stay in Muscat and have a short golfing break, so easy from the UK and great for our winter golf, or extend your break and take in the culture and amazing trips to really get a feel for this wonderful country and amazing Omani people.

Paul Mason, Dream Golf Holidays

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