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Group golf breaks in sunny Spain

At Dream Golf Holidays Spain is where it all started.

Fantastic Golf Courses, great food and accommodation and yes that lovely orange ball in the sky.

Whichever course or courses you want to play we will secure you the best deal possible.

So much choice in Spain

Andalucia is one of Europe’s most famous destinations, there are enough golf courses to keep the most avid golfer happy.. With a lovely all year round climate,  warm temperatures, endless hours of sunshine, what more could a golfer ask for!  The spectacular courses, often with mountain or sea views, provides great choice and variety for golfers.

There are some great resort courses, some great private members courses with an amount of access and the famous courses we have all heard of.  Valderrama and Finca Cortesin stand out in terms of excellent notoriety.

Excellent cuisine and entertainment is available all along the coastline.

Where else in Spain?

It is easy to play golf in Spain.  So many regions, don’t stay in one area, travel around each year and see and feel the difference.

Costa Brava continues to be a growing venue for the golf enthusiast.  Fantastic courses including one of the best in Spain, PGA Catalunya.  The cuisine of the area is known to be one of the best in the world, including El Bulli, noted as THE best restaurant in the world.

It doesn’t stop there

All the Costa’s are good for golf, Costa Blanca being no exception.  Flying in to Alicante or Murcia you find yourself with some great choices for your enjoyment.

Vilamartin, Villaitana, Alicante to name a few. Whether its, Murcia, North or South Costa Blanca or Valencia you will never be far from the sunshine and 18 holes.

Lets play in the Back Yard of the Spanish Golfing Magicians

There are so many famous, brilliant Spanish golfers, Migeul Angel Jimenz, Manuel Pinero spring to mind.

There is though in most golfers minds a holy trilogy of golfers that slip off the tongue very easily, Seve, Jose and Sergio.  Ballesteros, Olazabel and Garcia are the three amigos who have done so much over the past 40 years to make golf popular for Europeans.

Sadly we no longer see the swashbuckling Seve at work, he would I am sure have dominated Seniors golf.

The Ryder Cup over the last four decades has been brought to life by the Spanish, every 2 years the Spanish bring their A game to the tournament.

Having listened to the wonderful stories recited by Billy Foster, Seve’s caddy for a while it really does make you want to play in Spain and get a feel of all these maestro’s.  There are always plenty of trees to be in to try and work that magic, believe me!

Best time to go

Whenever you want is the answer.  Depends on your tolerance to heat, but even in the height of summer you can get out early, play a round of golf and still have time for some wonderful sunbathing and chilled beer.

Remember, buggies are the norm, you wouldn’t want to walk in that heat, so as long as you take your towel, dry your palms you have no excuses.

Prime time is late March to Mid May and Early September to Mid November.  Nice temperatures, can still get very warm but in the main extremely manageable.


Costa Blanca is very good for history, art, festivals and heritage There is so much to do and see away from the golf course. Everything is on your doorstep, the different cultures that have dominated over the years come together in a great fusion of life. There are great sights to see such as the cave paintings of del Pla de Petracos, or incredible archaeological sites such as Lucentum in Alicante and La Alcudia in Elche.  Many Moorish Castles still exist and make a wonderful sight.

On the Costa del Sol you don’t have to go far to see the sites, land at Malaga and explore the immediate are.  Picasso always wanted his works to be exhibited in Malaga and you can see his works in the Picasso museum.

The Moorish fortress overlooking Malaga at Alcazaba is definitely worth a visit.

For a longer excursion visiting Alhambra in Granada, the UNESCO World Heritage site is one visit you will never forget.

Cuisine in Spain

It doesn’t have to be British food abroad, trust me. Be a little adventurous and seek out the delights of the area you are in.  With all that lovely sun the produce has to be good and tasty.

The famous grilled sardines, barbecued on the beach, it doesn’t get much better. Gazpacho, perfect for those hot summer days and as always the little taps served with your drinks, it’s a culinary delight.

Orignially tapas was served free with a drink – ham, cheese, tortilla.  Tapas now is usually paid for and the choice is amazing, get yourself to a really good tapas bar and a lovely glass of Spanish red.  Perfect.

What about the Cities?

Getting Away From The Costa’s

What about a city break with golf, well Spain certainly has that. Cities such as  Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Zaragoza, Valencia and Bilbao allow us to explore the culture of Spain away from the Costa’s and play fantastic golf courses as well.

In Madrid, Barcelona or Seville there are many different kinds of enjoyable layouts designed by Seve and Robert Trent Jones to name two great designers. Whilst playing in Valencia, at El Saler  you will still have views of the beautiful Mediterranean; or further inland in Bilbao, where the mountain range provides the backdrop.

In many of the Spanish you can play almost all year round, always a bonus.  Flights to the cities is usually very reasonable with excellent transport links.

Take the plunge and enjoy the major cities of Spain.  You will return home with memories of a different Spanish golfing holiday

The Islands

Yes lets not forget the Islands.  The Canaries and the Balearics.

In the Canary Islands, you are sure to enjoy an ideal holiday playing golf. Many reasons make it possible: a privileged climate that enables you to play golf 365 days a year; spectacular, varied scenery including exceptional volcanic landscapes, beaches, mountains and nature reserves.  Most courses are to found on Tenerife and Gran Canaria, but there are also excellent fairways on the islands of Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and La Gomera.

You don’t have to travel far to hit the fairways.  Wherever you go, you will find top quality, modern facilities with all the necessary conveniences. Fun, original courses dotted with bunkers of black, volcanic sand and surrounded by unique indigenous vegetation await you on the islands.

Did you know that the Balearic Islands are an excellent place to play golf? There are may reasons for this. These are just some of them.

Great temperatures all year round. Their geographical location, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, give the Balearic Islands a pleasant, warm climate throughout the season. You can even get the clubs out in winter, now that sounds really encouraging.

So easy to get to with the low budget airlines making it so easy and affordable.

Variety is the key. If choice is essential for you, then you are in luck: there are more than 20 golf courses on the archipelago. The vast majority are in Majorca, meaning that a short drive will take you to a wide variety of courses, ideal for beginners through to expert players.

With views of the sea, the mountains… As you play you are sure to love the peace and beauty of the surroundings. And it is hardly surprising: many of the courses are on the coast and offer wonderful sea views; others are inland, in stunning settings such as the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains in Majorca.

Lets not forget these wonderful golfing and cultural destinations.

Course details

Below are a number of links to different courses across Spain.  Dream Golf Holidays are proud to be associated with. So many to choose from.  Ask about your favourite and we will do our best to get you the best deal possible.

Course details

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